Citizens Advisory Committee for Residential Street Funding

The Citizens Advisory Committee for Residential Street Funding was created to provide a recommendation to the City Council on two subjects:
  • How can the City fund the deferred maintenance of our residential streets?
  • How can the City adequately fund a maintenance program to keep our streets in good repair?
The Committee met monthly from June 2012 through December 2013. The members of the Citizen Advisory Committee spent numerous hours researching and weighing the options on how to best fund our residential streets. They talked with other citizen's, did public surveys, and outreached to various local organizations to gather feedback. After a year and half, they prepared the Final Report to City Council. This report was presented at the January 6, 2014, Council Workshop, at which point, the Council accepted the report.

The two recommendations from the committee are:

Recommendation No. 1:
That the City Council seek a General Obligation Bond in the amount of $10 million for 10 years.

Recommendation No. 2:
Within five years of Bond approval, the City Council should seek a street maintenance fee, utility surcharge, local gas tax or other method to generate $300,000 to $500,000 per year (in addition to the current $200,000 city funds for street maintenance) for ongoing street maintenance to protect the investment just made by taxpayers.

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