Posted on: February 15, 2017

Dallas Economic Vitality Roadmap Meeting

An Economic Vitality Roadmap meeting and celebration will be held on Tuesday, February 28, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the backroom of Pressed Coffee at 788 Main Street in Dallas. The meeting is open to everyone, and anyone interested in playing a role in the next steps of Dallas’s future as a vibrant and cohesive community is encouraged to attend.

This meeting will celebrate the creation of an action-oriented roadmap, leading to overall economic success for the town of Dallas. Mary Bosch, RDI’s Director of Rural Economic Vitality, will be leading the meeting, and attendees will hear updates from each of the Dallas Economic Vitality Action Teams, including Downtown Business Development, Community Marketing and PR, and Downtown Property Development. All residents are welcome and encouraged to partake in the planning for Action Teams during this meeting.

Brian Dalton, Mayor of the City of Dallas, had this to say about the Economic Roadmap process: “First, the RDI Roadmap experience was very successful here in Dallas. Attendance and enthusiasm are excellent and actually is growing over time…” He also said, “A number of important initiatives that were generated by that group have been pursued, with three very active action committees working on Community Marketing, Downtown Property Improvement and Business Development.”

Dallas’s Economic Vitality Roadmap is sponsored by the City of Dallas.

Economic Vitality Roadmap is a program of Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) that takes rural communities through a three-part process to create an action-oriented roadmap to economic success. The process includes an assessment, identification of key initiatives, and implementation. Through Roadmaps and other Rural Economic Vitality services, RDI’s staff helps rural communities take the road to community vitality.

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