Administrative Services Division

Police Records Unit

The Records Supervisor is the official custodian of records and is responsible for management and oversight of our Police Records Unit and our Property and Evidence Program.  The Records Supervisor also serves as the confidential assistant to the chief of police.

The DPD Records Unit is staffed by two civilian members and is supervised by the Records Supervisor. Personnel assigned to Records are responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, including: 

  • Front desk reception
  • Answering calls to our business phone lines
  • Processing public records requests
  • Statistics & Crime Analysis—researching, compiling and reporting data relative to public safety
  • Reporting to state and national information databases
  • Processing and filing police incident reports and citations
  • Issuing dog licenses
  • Data entry

Property & Evidence Program

  • Intake and control of all property and evidence in police custody
  • Data entry for all items stored
  • Digital and physical tracking of all property
  • Maintain chain of custody for all property
  • Release and disposition of property no longer needed