Reserve Officer Program

The number of reserve officers we have will vary from time-to-time depending on a variety of factors. A reserve officer’s primary function is to learn while assisting with patrol duties.

If you have any further questions about the Police Reserve Program or if you're interested in becoming a member, contact Officer Aaron Mollahan at 503.831.3516.

Solo Status

Dallas Reserve Police Officers may achieve solo status by completing these four steps- depending on their experience level and training:

Step 1 - Attending the MVRT reserve academy and completing departmental required observations of supporting agencies
              (e.g., dispatch, courts, etc.)
Step 2 - Successfully graduating MVRT and sworn in. Will ride with full-time officers as an observer and assist when requested.
Step 3 - Drive a patrol car under the direct supervision of a full-time officer. Will be allowed to investigate minor matters with the
              assistance of a full-time officer.
Step 4 - Solo status. Complete 960 hours of patrol-related activity, Successfully complete required written testing. Needs
              recommendations from Field Training Officer (FTO) and reserve program coordinator. Interview with the Chief of Police for final
              approval. Main duty will be traffic enforcement, but will be able to take minor calls and assist other full-time officers as needed.

Mid-Valley Reserve Training   (MVRT)

At this time MVRT (Mid-Valley Reserve Training) Academy closely follows the basic police curriculum at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). MVRT currently offers approximately 350 training hours that are recognized by DPSST. The MVRT Academy has expanded to include other area law enforcement agencies, giving us the opportunity to have available a large number of sworn officers, who are also certified instructors for DPSST in a variety of areas.

Program Details

Successful applicants will attend the MVRT Academy that usually starts in November and runs through the month of May. Applicants attending the MVRT Academy will be charged to attend to help cover the cost of resources for the academy. This cost varies from year-to-year. 

To successfully complete the MVRT Academy, applicants will attend two nights a week and some Saturdays. Upon successfully graduating from the MVRT Academy, reserve officers will be sworn in. Reserve officers will be issued uniforms and equipment to perform the tasks as a reserve officer.

Minimum requirements for the Dallas Reserve Officer program are:

Applicant must be at least 21 years of age by May of the year that they are applying
Applicant must have a high school diploma/GED
Applicant must possess a valid driver license
Applicant must reside in the area

Application Process

Qualified applicants proceed through the process with a written test
The same day, we conduct physical fitness testing, using the Oregon Physical Agility Test (ORPAT).
Applicants will undergo
An oral assessment board
A thorough background investigation
A psychological exam
A physical exam
An interview with the Chief of Police