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The Planning Division prepares and maintains policy guidelines and reviews and processes various land use applications. The staff works with the Development Review Board, the Planning Commission, City Council and various subcommittees as needed.

To view recent activities and inquiries with the Planning Department, please view the Land Use Reports.
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Active Legislative Amendments

• Housing Needs Analysis 2019

Housing Needs Analysis
Final Ordinance Adopting HNA
Ordinance Exhibits - HNA Comp Plan Text Changes

Sign Code Update 2019

Update 11-20-19:  On November 12, 2019, the Dallas Planning Commission considered the posted updates of April 2019 via public hearing.  In response to the feedback received via public notice, staff recommended certain modifications to the April 2019 document.  These modifications (minor) are shown to a separate document titled Options identified at 11-12-19 PC hearing (attached).  The Commission accepted these changes, recognizing such to the attached Order with one minor revision related to abandoned signs.

A second public hearing to consider all updates is scheduled before City Council on January 6, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.  Prior to that meeting, staff will post a revised document that incorporates changes as shown to the separate document, consistent with the Planning Commission Order that recommends approval.

Any questions about the Sign Code Update should be directed to
Scott Whyte, Planning Director, at (503) 831-3565 or

Planning Commission Order
Options considered at the 11-12-19 PC hearing
April 2019 Sign Code Update

Historic and Natural Resource Inventory update

• Local Wetland Inventory 2019
Letter from City - Project Overview
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Wetlands Inventory

Historic Resource Survey 2019

Historic Registry FAQ
Historic Survey Area Map

Land Use Applications

Please check with the Community Development Planning Department to obtain the necessaryforms and applications for your proposal.

Online applications are available!


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2018 SDC Methodology - Transportation

SDC Methodology

Dallas Development Code

(Updated 2/5/2019)

Dallas Zoning Map

Dallas Comprehensive Plan & Map

The City's Comprehensive Plan, serves as a policy guide for the overall development of the community, and includes the involvement of the Citizens Advisory Committee and City Council.

Transportation System Plan (TSP)

Table of Contents


Regarding Fill and Grading in Floodplains

FEMA Letter

Population Document


Do you have questions about planning? Contact the Planning Department at 503.831.3571.