Economic Development Commission


The commission consists of 15 members, and meets every other month (odd-numbered) on the third Thursday.

Duties and Responsibilities

In general, the commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding Economic Development matters. A complete list of the Economic Development Commission duties are provided in the Municipal Code, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Economic Development Commission Duties.

Agendas and Minutes

The agendas are generally available a week prior to the next meeting. The minutes will be made available within two weeks after a meeting. All public meetings are audio recorded. To access the agendas and minutes of the Economic Development Commission, please use the following links:

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Economic Development Commission Members

Rita Grady - 2020
Paul Trahan - 2020 Kelly Gabliks - 2021                                                                
Ken Jacroux - 2020 Glen Miller - 2021 Jake Stamas - 2022
Nancie Rogers - 2020 Barb Powers - 2021  Craig Pope - 2022
Terry Crawford - 2020 Gerard Graveline (Chair) - 2021
 Jackie Lawson - 2022
 Brian Dalton - 2020  Jason Saunders - 2021
 Sarah Owre - 2022