Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) is an advisory board to the City of Dallas to oversee economic development activities.

The commission shall consist of 15 members; one member shall be the mayor; four members shall be city councilors appointed by the council; five members shall be members of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce appointed by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce; two members shall be nominated by the mayor and approved by the city council; two members shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce; and one member shall be appointed by and represent the Polk County Board of Commissioners.

The meetings are open to the public and held bimonthly on the third Thursday in the Dallas Civic Center at noon. Please see the Community Development Calendar for more details and current information.

More information regarding the EDC. Click Here

The most recent agenda packet is generally available the Friday before the next meeting. The packet will include the discussion topics for the meeting along with the draft minutes from the previous meeting. The draft minutes will not be official until they have been approved or accepted by the committee. To view what has been happening at the Economic Development meetings and upcoming topics, please click on the link.
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The official minutes from the EDC meetings are a record of what has been discussed and what motions have been made at past meetings. These are not posted until they have been read and approved or accepted by the Committee. To view the official minutes of past Economic Development meetings, please click on the link.
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