Frequently Asked Questions

FireMed ButtonWho is FireMed?
FireMed is a program of the City of Dallas Fire and EMS Department. The City of Dallas is responsible for providing ambulance service to the City of Dallas, Rickreall and Falls City, as well as the surrounding suburban and rural community.

Am I covered outside of Dallas?
FireMed has reciprocal agreements with 85 other ambulance providers across the state of Oregon. Your membership is good in all of Polk County, and most of the state. FireMed travels with you.

Who qualifies to be a member?
Membership is available to anyone living within the ambulance service area (ASA) held by the City of Dallas. If you are unsure whether you live within our ASA, please contact us by phone (503-831-3508) or email with your residence address. We will determine for you if you live in our ASA, and if not, if an ambulance membership program is available in your area.

Everyone in your household is included under one membership. A household consists of a primary member and all persons who are living together with the primary member as a family unit, in the same single family occupancy, non-commercial residence within our ASA. Family unit means persons related by blood, marriage or domestic partnership, as defined in ORS 106.301, and includes household members living in substitute care (e.g., a nursing home) in the ASA. Roommates and boarders must have their own membership.

When can I join FireMed?
The City of Dallas FireMed program has an open enrollment period each year, from September 1 through October 31. The new FireMed year starts on November 1 each year. Anyone can join, or make additions or subtractions to their family unit, at any time during the year. Our FireMed program does not pro-rate the annual fee, so joining mid-to-late year in the FireMed season will still cost $65 for those living in the city limits and $75 for those living outside the city limits. There is no additional fee or charge to change your family unit information.

Why do other FireMed agencies charge a different membership fee amount?
Each City, District, Association, company, or other organization that provides ambulance services is independent and operates their own membership program. Each set fees according to the requirements of each locality. The FireMed name is reserved for public, fire department-based ambulance providers. Other types of organizations will have other names, but provide similar benefits. Your FireMed membership will likely be effective if you use an emergency ambulance from another provider thanks to our extensive reciprocal network in Oregon.

Why does the City charge for the ambulance service?
The ambulance service is designed as a fee-for-service program, though it most likely receives small amounts of general fund or property tax revenue for its operation. Since medical care is a cost that most people have some form of insurance for, most patients have the ability to pay. The ambulance service relies largely on these third party reimbursements (Medicare, Medicaid, Oregon Health Plan, private health insurance, etc.) for its revenue.

The cost of operating an ambulance service is high. Each medic unit has a Paramedics and an Emergency Medical Technician; highly skilled medical care providers, who respond to every emergency they are called to. Each unit also has modern medical equipment, medicines, and supplies. We are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, all year long. Our service provides two fully staffed medic units with a fully equipped third medic unit on stand-by.

FireMed ambulance membership allows you to pay one small annual fee to cover your entire family for any emergency ambulance transport any of you may need during the year. This makes the service affordable to anyone, and assures everyone in the community high-quality ambulance care when needed.

What does FireMed have to do with my insurance?
FireMed will bill any insurance that is available to cover an ambulance transport. This could be health, auto, homeowner's or other insurance. We will collect whatever the insurance provider will pay and accept that as payment in full. (If you have no insurance, FireMed will cover the entire cost.) Collecting these insurance payments helps keep the cost of FireMed membership low so that everyone can afford it.

Can I call FireMed to ask for an ambulance?
Only the 9-1-1 emergency communications system can dispatch an ambulance. If you think you may have an emergency situation, call 9-1-1 and give your information to the dispatcher.