Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which:

Allows neighbors to get to know each other and their routines so that any out-of-place activity can be reported and investigated.
Creates a cohesive body of concerned citizens that can address other issues that concern the entire community
Teaches citizens techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home or in public
Teaches participants how to make their homes more secure and properly identify/mark their property
Trains citizens on the importance of recognizing suspicious activities and how to report them

Our neighborhood watch program activities are currently coordinated by staff members who have taken on the extra responsibility of helping this community program continue. Key to these focus are the collaborative efforts with community volunteers who are dedicated to the value of the program.

Persons interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group should call the Dallas Police Department at 503.831.3516 to schedule a meeting with the program coordinator. Arrangements will be made to meet and discuss your preferences, along with available options best suited for your particular neighborhood.