Officer King Lifesaving Award

Officer King (2016)

Officer David King was awarded the department’s lifesaving award at the June 20, 2016 meeting of the Dallas City Council. During the presentation, Chief Simpson described the April incident when King located a resident inside a burning home who had apparently lost full consciousness as she was on the phone with the 911 center reporting the fire. While King was pulling the lady towards an exit and to safety, she regained consciousness and was assisted from the home by the officer. Dallas Fire personnel reported that had King not assisted her prior to their arrival, she may not have survived the incident.

Officer Houser (2017)

Officer Jordan Houser was recognized before the Dallas City Council at their regular meeting on July 7, 2017 when Chief Simpson presented him The Dallas Police Department's Lifesaving Award. In early June, Officer Houser responded to an emergency medical call and was the first emergency services responder to arrive on scene. He determined the victim, who was not breathing, had an obstructed airway and was able to open her airway and position her in the “recovery position” which allowed her to begin breathing again prior to arrival of paramedics. Officer Houser’s efforts to restore an airway resulted in the victim’s survival.

Officer Houser Life Saving Award



Deputy Chief Mott (2019)

At the May 6th meeting of the Dallas City Council, Chief Simpson held an investiture—a ceremonial oath of office—to celebrate the promotion of Jerry Mott to deputy chief. Deputy Chief Mott has been a Dallas officer for about 15 years, coming back to us after having served as a reserve police officer. Jerry, a life-long Polk County resident, has served in various capacities during his criminal justice career. Chief Simpson noted that Mott was very effective in managing the daily operations of the department and also commented, “He has been actively involved in a myriad of department operations and has been a very valuable member of my administrative team. I thank him for making me more effective at my job.” As he steps into the role of deputy chief, he will be taking on additional administrative tasks and will help guide Dallas PD into the future as we serve a growing community.