2018 Annual Awards Banquet

On Friday, March 1st, the Dallas Police Department held their Annual Awards Banquet for 2018. Several awards, including a brand new award, were given out to a number of exceptional members at the Dallas Police Department. City Manager, Greg Ellis along with City Council President Jenny Rummell and Council members Ken Woods, Paul Trahan, Michael Schilling and Larry Briggs joined us in the celebration. The awards presented this year were as follows: The Community Involvement Award, The Outstanding Investigation Award, Officer of the Year, and the new, Chief’s 212° Award.

Houser- Community Award

The Community Involvement Award 2018

This particular award recognizes individuals who are intentionally and directly engaged in community involvement. This can include various Community Policing efforts. Some examples would be: someone who goes above and beyond to engage and build a rapport with the citizens of Dallas; participates in community groups outside of work such as sitting on committees; engages in youth sports coaching or other youth activities. Officer Jordan Houser, the recipient of this years Community Involvement Award, has performed all of the examples listed above. He coaches baseball in Dallas, has worked on many city events, and also speaks to groups such as MOPS and the Boy Scouts. He has been described as a self-motivator. He enjoys being busy at work, but also takes time to get involved in community events. Join us in congratulating Officer Houser as the 2018 recipient of the Community Involvement Award.


The Outstanding Investigation Award 2018

The outstanding investigator award nomination should go to the person who does an outstanding job with their daily investigations. This might be someone who went above and beyond to ensure that the case was investigated to the fullest extent, made excellent decisions in how/what evidence to collect, did a good job interviewing, or other such investigative skills. Detective John Wallace has been able to carry most of the detective workload himself for several months, but always seems to investigate each case as thoroughly as possible. Wallace is able to create a clear picture of where he wants the case to go. Detective Wallace is in the constant pursuit of the truth. Congratulations to Detective John Wallace as our 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Investigation Award!

Wallace Detective of Year
Tandi Chiefs award
Chief’s 212° Award 2018
This year, Chief introduced a new annual award, titled, “Chief’s 212° Award.” The Extra Degree was borrowed from a book authored by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson, 212° The Extra Degree. The underlying concepts are basic: at 211° water is hot, but at 212° it boils. With boiling waters, comes steam, and steam can power a locomotive. Parker and Anderson’s book described how, raising the temperature of water by one extra degree means the difference between something that is simply very hot—and something that generates enough force to power a machine. It’s a simple, uncomplicated metaphor that could feed our every endeavor. The first recipient of the Chief’s 212° Award was presented to Community Service Officer, Tandi Vidrio. There has rarely been a project or event where she hasn’t waded in on. She is self-motivated, frequently there for others, and often makes that extra effort. She has been with the Dallas Police Department for over 10 years.
Officer of the Year 2018
The Officer of the Year should be an outstanding example of an officer. They should be well rounded in investigations, communication skills, report writing, always working hard, and willing to step up. This should be an overall prime example of a Dallas Police Officer. 2018 Officer of the Year has been awarded to Officer Jane Burke. She is always hard working, always has a great attitude, and is eager to help out. Recently, Officer Burke took a burglary call. She investigated the incident and found the complainant initiated a false report. One of her co-workers comments, “I had the opportunity to work with Officer Jane Burke for a fair amount of time this year. She is self-motivated and shows she is constantly working to investigate cases to the fullest. I don’t think she has ever come to work grumpy...ever!”
Burke Officer of Year