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    A tasteful video for your palate featuring Polk County's incredible scenic wine county!

    KATU covered the kickoff of Uncork Polk County talking with many restaurant owners and sampling some of the good food and wine Dallas has to offer during the event.
    Video 1: Latitude One
    Video 2: Washington Street Steakhouse & Pub

    KGW 8 was in Dallas with Rod on the Road
    Take a look at the great videos highlighting Dallas businesses!

    Visiting Pressed Coffee Roasters, West Valley Taphouse, and Main Street Emporium

    Visiting Pressed Coffee Roasters

    Visiting with Mayor Dalton in the City Park

    Polk County
    Travel Salem has produced a new video showcasing Polk County. Polk County is located in Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley. It's a remarkable place where social hour is held at the vineyard, stars outshine street lights and going to the market means meeting the farmer. Plan your trip to Dallas now!

    Watch the video here!


    The City of Dallas is in search for a new City Manager and with direction from the City Council and working with the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments below is the criteria.



    Keep your garden looking fantastic this summer.
    Here is some great information.

    Sustainable Garden

    2019 Schedule and Recycling Info

    Here is the 2019 Schedule and Recycling Info


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  1. Summer Schedule


    The City of Dallas is excited to announce phase 2 of upgrading our water meter system by installing automated meter reading, or AMR to the remainder of the City. This technology allows us to automatically and remotely collect data from your water meter and transfer that data to City Hall for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. This new system will increase efficiency, reduce water loss, and help limit future utility rate increases.

    During this process, it is not necessary to be home during the change out, but you can anticipate a brief interruption in water service while the work is being done. City of Dallas staff will contact you at your residence prior to beginning work to ensure that it is a good time to shut off the water. If you prefer, you may call the Public Works Department at 503.831.3560 and schedule your water shut off time if you would like a certain day, or time of day. 

    After the meter replacement, customers should not notice any significant change in their water service. If a very old water meter was replaced the new meter may show a more accurate representation of usage; old water meters wear out and do not work as well.  

    Thank you for your patience during this water system improvement. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department 503.831.3560.

    Jake Dyer

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