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Apr 23

2014-04-23 Stolen Handgun Response

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 3:20 PM by Emily Gagner

Dear Dallas Citizens and Businesses,

I want to thank the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas School District Administration for how they handled the handguns stolen by several minors last week.  With so many public shootings taking place in the United States, I appreciate how serious the Police Department and the School District took the potential threat to students and faculty.  I applaud the sensible steps taken to protect the schools and the public as well as the timely press releases to parents and the public provided by both the Police Department and the School District.

When the handguns were reported missing the Dallas Police Department took the call seriously and went to work immediately to locate the guns and the suspects.  Chief Simpson and his officers did a great job tracking down the handguns in less than 12 hours and the suspects were in custody in less than 48 hours.  The exceptional work the Dallas Police Department did on this case was second to none and I am proud of them.

Christy Perry, Dallas School District Superintendent, and her administrative team were, as usual, great partners in dealing with this possible threat.  The School District administration responded to the possible threat appropriately and took the proper precautions to keep students and staff safe.  The School District provided as much information and history as they could on the suspects, which was helpful for the investigation.

Thank you again to all those that helped resolve this issue quickly.  It is wonderful that we live in a great community with exceptional professionals that keep us safe and watch over our youth.