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Trespass Letter of Consent Program: Commercial Property

  1. Trespass Letter of Consent Application: Commercial Property
  2. Before You Begin:
    In order for your application to be processed, please select your property type and whether this is an initial or renewal application
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  5. Please Read the Following:
  6. By affixing my signature to this document I am identifying myself as the responsible party for the property listed above. I affirm and attest that the information provided in this document is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and do hereby designate each and every police officer employed by the City of Dallas as my agent and representative for the purpose of enforcing ORS 164.245 of the Oregon Revised Statutes  
  7. I further understand and agree that as the responsible party for the property, I will: Appear in a court of law for any proceedings related to the enforcement of this TLC. Notify any other occupants or tenants of my participation in the TLC program. Immediately notify the police department of any changes to property status.
  8. Unless revoked by the City of Dallas, this authorization shall continue in force for one year from the first day of the month in which the authorization was granted. (e.g., an application approved on October 15 will expire October 1 of the following year.) The TLC expires one year from the first day of the month in which the authorization was granted. It is the property owner’s responsibility to submit a renewal application.
  9. In addition to your consent letter, your property must be posted with signs stating “No Trespass” and include a reference to Oregon Revised Statute “ORS 164.245.” Do not add any other verbiage to the sign.
  10. If the status of your property changes in any way, you must notify the police department as soon as possible and arrange for your trespass letter of consent to be updated or removed from our files.
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