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  1. Uncork
    A tasteful video for your palate featuring Polk County's incredible scenic wine county!

    Polk County
    Travel Salem has produced a new video showcasing Polk County. Polk County is located in Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley. It's a remarkable place where social hour is held at the vineyard, stars outshine street lights and going to the market means meeting the farmer. Plan your trip to Dallas now!

    Watch the video here!

  1. Republic2


    Republic Services has created a short video helping to explain what ius and is not recyclable this holiday season

    Watch the video here

    2019 Schedule and Recycling Info

    Requirements in recycling changed in 2018 and it’s important that only the items listed below go in the tan cart. Please remember that all materials should be empty, clean and dry before recycling, and when in doubt, throw it out. 

    Here is the 2019 Schedule and Recycling Info

  1. CivicReady

    Why should I be ready?

    Emergencies happen all the time and knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency improves your odds of a positive outcome. Our emergency notifications send updated alerts directly to you keeping you informed on rapidly changing situations.

    How do I sign up?

    It’s easy! Simply click the link above and create a username and password. Then we’ll send updated alerts through email, voice, or text. 

  1. wings

    Alis Volat Propiis
    “She flies with her own wings”

    The City of Dallas is excited to celebrate Oregon’s motto with a unique
    and creativity opportunity for the entire community.
    This contest would consist of age categories broken into brackets.
    Each age bracket will be voted on via Facebook on the
    Dallas Commuity Bullentin Board and the City of Dallas pages
    ultimately determining the 3 winners for each group.

    Groups Include:
    Kindergarten - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade, 9th - 12th grade, Adults

    Design entry period begins November 1 and runs until January 18
    Community voting will begin January 18 and runs until March 15
    Winners will be announced at the March 18 City Council meeting

    Contest Application
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