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  1. Uncork
    A tasteful video for your palate featuring Polk County's incredible scenic wine county!

    KATU covered the kickoff of Uncork Polk County talking with many restaurant owners and sampling some of the good food and wine Dallas has to offer during the event.
    Video 1: Latitude One
    Video 2: Washington Street Steakhouse & Pub

    KGW 8 was in Dallas with Rod on the Road
    Take a look at the great videos highlighting Dallas businesses!

    Visiting Pressed Coffee Roasters, West Valley Taphouse, and Main Street Emporium

    Visiting Pressed Coffee Roasters

    Visiting with Mayor Dalton in the City Park

    Polk County
    Travel Salem has produced a new video showcasing Polk County. Polk County is located in Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley. It's a remarkable place where social hour is held at the vineyard, stars outshine street lights and going to the market means meeting the farmer. Plan your trip to Dallas now!

    Watch the video here!

  1. CivicReady

    Why should I be ready?

    Emergencies happen all the time and knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency improves your odds of a positive outcome. Our emergency notifications send updated alerts directly to you keeping you informed on rapidly changing situations.

    How do I sign up?

    It’s easy! Simply click the link above and create a username and password. Then we’ll send updated alerts through email, voice, or text. 


    Saturday, August 24 - 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. - Rotary Performing Stage

    Come enjoy Dallas' favorite band playing all the hit songs of today and yesteryear.
    Rotary Performing Arts Stage is at the corner of Main & Academy Street.

    Like classic cars? Have one you like to show off? 
    Come down to the Cruise In. 
    Check out some beautiful cars, listen to some music, have a beer and get a bite to eat.
    Roll in at 4:00 p.m. on Academy Street between Main and Church Streets.

    Please register (free) here
    Cruise In Registration

    Vendor/Food Truck Application
  1. 2019_Leaves_SM

    The City of Dallas recognizes the need for fall leaf pick-up. This year, Republic Services will be collecting leaves from City streets on the second weekend in November (Saturday Nov 09 / Sunday Nov 10) and again the second weekend in December (Saturday Dec 14 / Sunday Dec 15). These are the only times leaves will be collected that are placed in the street.

    When Placing Leaves in the Street, Please Keep in Mind:

    ü  Leaves should be raked into the street in long rows, parallel to the curb, and at least 12 inches away from the curb.

    ü  Avoid blocking the roadway, driveways, and bike lanes.

    ü  Keep piles away from and clear any blocked storm drains.

    ü  Place only leaves (and no other trimmings, brush, grass, or other debris) in the street just before the collection dates.

    Other Means of Leaf Disposal

        Use them as mulch in your landscaping or lawn

        Place them in your yard debris bin

        Use any of the leaf only drop-off locations from October 1st   thru December 31st (no other yard debris).  The locations are as follows:

    1) Park St. parking lot west end of the walking bridge

    2) SW Allgood near the gate to the Parks Office

    3) The east end of Hankel Street (at the dead end off LaCreole Dr.)

    It is important not to rake leaves into city streets until just before the collection dates. Leaves raked into the street can cause drainage and flooding problems by clogging gutters and storm sewers, and can blow onto neighboring properties. Residents will be asked to remove leaves if they are raked into the street outside of scheduled pick-up times.

    For more information about leaf collection please contact Republic Services at 541.754.0444

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