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  1. Stay Connected
  1. Novel Coronavirus Response 


    There is a lot of attention right now on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its possible impacts to communities. The City of Dallas has an Emergency Operations Plan that includes a chapter on public health emergencies. Staff are working on ensuring we have contingency plans in place to keep our services running should the virus affect Dallas. Click here for more information.


    Why should I be ready?

    Emergencies happen all the time and knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency improves your odds of a positive outcome. Our emergency notifications send updated alerts directly to you keeping you informed on rapidly changing situations.

    How do I sign up?

    It’s easy! Simply click the link above and create a username and password. Then we’ll send updated alerts through email, voice, or text. 

  1. Start Your Utility Service Here!

    You can now start City of Dallas Utility Service with our new online method CLICK HERE or select the Xpress Bill Pay icon below. To sign-up for service online you must create an account. If you prefer, you may also come into our office at City Hall, 187 SE Court Street,
    Dallas, OR. For more information, CLICK HERE.


    You can now get your dog license online!

    City of Dallas residents may purchase new dog licenses, or renew existing dog licenses in person or on-line using a credit/debit card. On-line purchases are an option only if you will be using a debit/credit card.

    Click to get started: https://www.dallasor.gov/138/Animal-Control


    Saturday, August 24 - 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. - Rotary Performing Stage

    Come enjoy Dallas' favorite band playing all the hit songs of today and yesteryear.
    Rotary Performing Arts Stage is at the corner of Main & Academy Street.

    Like classic cars? Have one you like to show off? 
    Come down to the Cruise In. 
    Check out some beautiful cars, listen to some music, have a beer and get a bite to eat.
    Roll in at 4:00 p.m. on Academy Street between Main and Church Streets.

    Please register (free) here
    Cruise In Registration

    Vendor/Food Truck Application
  1. A “Did you know?” moment brought to you by the City of Dallas

    Flushable does not always mean flushable? The generic term “wet wipes” includes pre-moistened wipes used in lieu of toilet paper, baby wipes, premoistened towelettes, and disinfectant wipes. These items have become very popular over the last several years and many brands claim to be flushable even though they do not break down like regular toilet paper in the sewer system. They tend to catch and snag in the pipes, forming blockages and back-ups, clogging pumps, and leading to all sorts of unpleasant and expensive problems. Ideally, the only thing that should be flushed other than human waste is toilet paper. 

    This cold and flu season remember:
    “Wet wipes” may feel soft on skin, but they are hard on infrastructure. Thank you for your assistance keeping our systems working for everyone!